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    Benchmark USA Metropolitan 4 oz Popcorn Machine


    This unit's retro styling features curves and sleek surfaces that are reminiscent of the art deco architecture of the late 1920s and 1930s! This popper's unique design has the doors and graphics on the front of the unit so that it can be placed against a wall for space saving efficiency, unlike competitive units where these features are on the rear. This reliable machine is able to produce up to 85 qt. of popcorn per hour, making it an excellent addition to break rooms, home theaters, and other events.

    Two simple switches control this machine, with one powering the warming deck and the interior lamp while the other turns the agitator and heats the kettle to initiate a popping cycle. The kettle is made from 20 mil thick aluminum for excellent heat transfer and boasts an anodized non stick coating that makes cleaning a breeze. Once the kernels are popped, they're dumped onto the stainless steel deck which has perforations so that unpopped kernels can be collected in the old maid drawer. This not only expedites cleanup, but keeps unpopped kernels out of your bagged product for a better customer experience! While some competitive models use a heat lamp that only heats the top layer of popcorn, the deck on this model has a 50W element that allows heat to rise through the popcorn for the most even heating possible. A 120V electrical connection is required for operation.

    • 85 qt. of popcorn per hour
    • Heated warming deck
    • Three year parts warranty
    • Dimensions 20" wide x 15" deep x 30" tall
    • Kettle Size 4 oz
    • Watts 980
    • Volts120

    Popcorn Stand SOLD SEPARATELY

    Popcorn Machine Product Manual Metropolitan 4 oz Popper Product Manual

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