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Professional Aluminum Popcorn Scoop

This professional aluminum popcorn scoop is custom designed to fill popcorn bags and boxes in seconds. Featuring an easy-grip handle and sturdy construction, this multi-purpose scoop can also be used for bagging French fries and other snacks. When you have crowds to serve, this speed scoop will ensure you can do the job easily and efficiently while ensuring nothing gets on the floor.
  • QUICK-FILL DESIGN; multi-purpose speed scoop designed to fill popcorn bags and boxes in seconds
  • EASY TO USE; convenient grip handle makes it easy to serve popcorn and other snacks to crowds
  • STURDY CONSTRUCTION; lightweight, but durable design ensures scoop will withstand heavy use
  • PROFESSIONAL LOOK; restaurant quality and classic design like the scoops used at movie theaters and concession stands
  • STANDARD SIZE; measures 2 x 8.5 x 12 inches to accommodate most popcorn popppers

Yellow Popcorn Scoop

This bright-colored popcorn scoop is both festive and functional. The lightweight and compact design works well with smaller models of popcorn poppers and allows you to fill small popcorn bags and buckets with ease. This multi-purpose scoop can be used to serve a variety of other party treats as well. Durable yet economical, you can purchase multiple scoops for your popcorn bar or party setup at a practical price.
  • COLORFUL DESIGN; compliments any popcorn setup, making it perfect for popcorn parties, popcorn bars and other special events
  • LIGHTWEIGHT; light and compact design allows you to fill smaller popcorn bags and buckets with ease
  • ECONOMICAL; high quality at a practical price means you are able to purchase multiple scoops for serving at parties
  • MULTI-PURPOSE SCOOP; use to scoop popcorn or a variety of other party snacks and treats
  • CONVENIENT SIZE; measures 6 x 7 x 9 inches to work well with smaller model popcorn machines