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    Paragon Professional Series 4 oz Popcorn Machine


    Our American-made professional series popcorn machines are unparalleled in quality and workmanship and are comparable to commercial popcorn machines you find at the movie theaters. If you are looking for the highest quality popcorn machine in the market, you will find it in the Professional Series popcorn machine. The stainless steel construction along with the tempered glass panels provide for an easy to clean and exceptionally durable popcorn machine.

    Limited LIFETIME WARRANTY for residential customers. Commercial customers will receive a 3 year warranty.

    Pops 92 one-ounce servings per hour. Ideal for home use.

    • Hard-Coat anodized aluminum popcorn kettle
    • Heated warming deck
    • Kettle "ready" lights
    • Stainless steel construction
    • Tempered glass panels
    • Removable clean-out tray for easy cleaning
    • Old-maid drawer to catch the un-popped kernels
    • Dimensions: 16" Wide x 14" Deep x 24" Tall

    Popcorn Cart SOLD SEPARATELY

    Popcorn Stand SOLD SEPARATELY

    Popcorn Machine Product Manual Professional Series 4 oz Popper Product Manual

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    Stainless Steel Construction

    Components with a powder coat finish on our other lines of equipment have been upgraded with commercial grade stainless steel. The result is improved durability to scratching and wear, and increased corrosion resistance. This line is perfect for applications where the machine is subjected to constant cleaning or a salt-water environment (coastlines). The life of these machines are extended dramatically as the risk of moisture penetration in powder-coated finishes is eliminated.

    Special Design Features

    Our popcorn labels have been moved to the glass on these poppers and designed with black/silver colors to not detract from the classic appearance of stainless. A touch of color and class is present in the lighted, red switches that feature simple, non-obtrusive labeling. The matching carts and stands feature a special textured black powder-coat finish that contrasts and compliments the machine perfectly. Limiting cart/stand labeling to a simple stainless steel signature style plate carries the classic design throughout the entire unit. This design results in a classic, elegant look that will enhance the most up-scale room, while maintaining the same high-end commercial quality in home use or commercial concession environments.

    High-output, Hard-coat Anodized Aluminum Kettle

    Poppers feature high output, hard-coat anodized aluminum kettles for optimum performance and easy cleaning. We only use aluminum because it has the highest heat transfer rate of any approved cooking material. Then we hard-coat anodize the kettles to create a non-stick surface that’s a snap to clean – just wipe with a damp cloth.

    Side-hinged Kettle

    Side-hinged kettles are simple to operate and maintain. This design facilitates routine cleaning because you can reach all parts of the kettle. Just wipe it with a damp cloth regularly and you’ll eliminate most of the baked-on carbon that is so common in oil-based cooking appliances. With less carbon build-up, your machine will heat faster and work more efficiently. Ordinary poppers with center pivot kettles build up baked-on carbon quickly and require time-consuming, difficult disassembly for cleaning.

    Built-in Warming Deck

    All of our Theater Pop line of poppers incorporate 50-watt heating elements underneath the bottom tray. Since heat rises, bottom heating is better than heat lamps that only warm the top layer of popcorn. Our bottom-heating element keeps all the popcorn in the cabinet warm and at the ideal serving temperature. Depending on the humidity level, popcorn can stay fresh all day if kept at the right temperature.

    Old Maid Drawer

    A stainless steel drawer built into the base of the popper collects the unpopped kernels, or “old maids.” The small holes in the tray allow the old maids to fall through, while keeping the fully popped corn in the serving cabinet. It’s simple to remove the drawer for emptying and cleaning.

    Presentation Lamp

    A 50-watt R20 lamp lights the cabinet interior and highlights the popped corn for added impulse sales. The light also provides extra safety and convenience because the operator can see the kettle clearly for loading and unloading.

    Pro Series 4oz12012001092oz16"w x 14"d x 24"h50 lbs
    Pro Series 6oz120120010113oz20"w x 14"d x 26"h60 lbs
    Pro Series 8oz120142012147oz20"w x 14"d x 29"h64 lbs
    Pro Series 12oz120179015221oz24"w x 20"d x 36"h103 lbs
    Pro Series 16oz120279012295oz28"w x 20"d x 36"h109 lbs
    Pro Series Cart 4ozN/AN/AN/AN/A17"w x 34"d x 30"h46 lbs
    Pro Series Cart 6 & 8ozN/AN/AN/AN/A17"w x 38"d x 30"h58 lbs
    Pro Series 12 & 16ozN/AN/AN/AN/A20"w x 46"d x 30"h71 lbs
    Pro Series Stand 4ozN/AN/AN/AN/A16"w x 14"d x 32"h46 lbs
    Pro Series Stand 6 & 8ozN/AN/AN/AN/A20"w x 14"d x 32"h60 lbs
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