Snappy® Yellow Popcorn Kernels, 2lb, Pure Colored Coconut Popping Oil, 15 oz, Buttery Flavored Theater Popcorn Salt, 19 oz

We've taken the guesswork out of how to make authentic movie theater popcorn in your popper and created a starter pack with the three key ingredients that every at-home popcorn machine needs. Snappy's old-fashioned white popcorn creates light and tender puffs when popped with less hulls for easier, more enjoyable eating. Snappy's non-GMO Coconut Popping Oil adds a delicious buttery flavor and golden color, naturally colored with beta carotene and zero trans fats. Finally, Snappy's Buttery Flavored Theater Salt is the secret ingredient to achieving that movie theater taste with fine flake salt that sticks to kernels. Snappy Popcorn has been family grown in Iowa for multiple generations. Our non-GMO popcorn is a low-calorie, 100% whole grain, high fiber, gluten free snack that is seriously delicious and supremely satisfying. We pride ourselves on quality and freshness.
  • POPCORN LOVERS PACK; this starter pack has everything you need to make movie theater popcorn at home
  • GOURMET QUALITY & TASTE; enjoy the old-fashioned taste of white popcorn with light & tender kernels
  • GROWN IN IOWA; our premium non-GMO popcorn has been raised, processed & packaged in Iowa since 1940
  • DELICIOUS BUTTERY FLAVOR; our coconut oil is the key to mouthwatering popcorn with zero trans fats
  • SECRET INGREDIENT; add our fine flake salt to kernels before you pop for the best salted flavor
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