Snappy® Ultimate Popcorn Salts and Seasonings Kit

Our most popular popcorn seasoning flavors and signature salts make it easy to take the taste of ordinary popcorn to the next level. Snappy’s Buttery Flavored Theater Salt (19 oz.) is the secret ingredient that helps you achieve authentic movie theater popcorn taste at home. Simply measure and pour salt directly into your kettle with oil and popcorn for a consistently delicious treat. Our Popcorn & Nut Salt (18 oz.) features fine flake crystals with unsurpassed moisture resistance that cling evenly to popcorn kernels. This ultrafine texture offers much more surface area than ordinary granulated salt, providing exceptional adherence that delivers pure flavor time and time again. Our savory seasonings are perfect for adding even more flavor to warm, freshly popped popcorn. Choose from a variety of options including 12 oz. shakers of Butter, Cheddar, White Cheddar, Barbeque and Ranch, and 14 oz. Parmesan Garlic. These easy-to-use blends contain no MSG, saturated fat or trans fat for a guilt-free flavor upgrade. Makes an ideal gift for the popcorn lover in your life!
  • VARIETY PACK; two salt varieties and six seasoning flavors create your perfect popcorn flavors
  • SIGNATURE SALTS; our theater & popcorn/nut salts cling to kernels for a true movie theater taste
  • POPCORN & NUT SALT; fine flake crystals that cling to kernels better than ordinary granulated salt
  • SECRET POPPING INGREDIENT; add theater salt to kernels & oil before popping for the best flavor
  • HEALTHY SNACK; our low-fat popcorn seasonings give kernels & other foods a guilt-free flavor upgrade
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