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    Snappy Pure Coconut Oil, 1 Gallon

    Snappy's Coconut Oil is the secret to making movie theater popcorn in your own home. Use your favorite Snappy kernels with our golden-colored Coconut Oil to pop delicious buttery popcorn with the aroma you love and the taste you crave. This product is a pantry staple that can be used for cooking a variety of foods beyond just popcorn. Our Coconut Oil becomes a liquid at 76 degrees or higher and is easy to use without the risk of burning or smoking, but this oil is safe to use as a solid or a liquid. It is also safe for coconut oil to melt and solidify repeatedly. Naturally colored with beta carotene.
    • DELICIOUS BUTTERY FLAVOR; the secret to making mouthwatering movie theater popcorn at home
    • NATURALLY COLORED; beta carotene creates golden kernels without added preservatives or chemicals
    • BETTER THAN BUTTER; 100% pure refined non-GMO coconut oil with zero trans fats
    • NO MELTING REQUIRED; safe to use as a solid or liquid (becomes a liquid at 76 degrees or higher)
    • VERSATILE; safe to melt & solidify repeatedly, this oil can be used for cooking a variety of foods
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