Snappy® Popcorn Seasoning, Caramel Glaze, Buttery Theater Popcorn Salt, Kettle Glaze

Our most popular Glaze Pop flavors and signature theater salt makes it easy to turn your ordinary popcorn into mouthwatering treats. Our Caramel Pop-Glaze is the perfect caramel flavor for any occasion, allowing you to make this timeless treat in one simple step. Our Kettle Pop-Glaze evenly coats your popcorn with sweet kettle corn flavor, resulting in a snack with a perfectly balanced sweet and salty taste. Snappy Theater Salt is the secret ingredient that helps you achieve authentic movie theater popcorn taste with fine flake salt that sticks better to kernels and packs in all of your favorite flavor. Each product is formulated to use in any kettle and is extremely convenient to use. Simply measure and pour directly into your kettle with oil and popcorn for a consistently delicious treat! Snappy Popcorn has been family grown in Iowa for multiple generations. Our non-GMO popcorn is a low-calorie, 100% whole grain, high fiber, gluten free snack that is seriously delicious and supremely satisfying. We pride ourselves on quality and freshness.
  • CANDIED KERNELS BUNDLE; comes with the glazes & salts you need to make your favorite flavors at home
  • SWEET & SALTY TASTE; Kettle Pop-Glaze coats popcorn with sweet, mouthwatering kettle corn flavor
  • CLASSIC CARAMEL; Caramel Pop-Glaze helps you make fresh, frosted caramel popcorn in one simple step
  • SECRET INGREDIENT; add our theater salt to kernels and oil before you pop for the best salted flavor
  • EASY TO USE; simply add glaze to your kettle with corn & oil for popcorn with an irresistible flavor
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