Snappy® Pop Rite Popcorn Oil, 1 gallon

Snappy's Pop Right Oil is a blend of coconut, corn and canola oils resulting in a popping oil that has great flavor with lower saturated fat. Use your favorite Snappy kernels with our popping oil for light, fluffy, delicious popcorn.
  • DELICIOUS FLAVOR; a popping oil for preparing light, fluffy, tasty kernels
  • 60% LESS SATURATED FAT; Pop Right Oil contains coconut, corn and canola oils and is low in saturated fat
  • NO TRANS FAT; this signature blend of oils is free of trans fats
  • NATURALLY COLORED; colored with beta carotene (found in carrots) so you can enjoy golden kernels without added preservatives or chemicals
  • SIZE; 1 Gallon of popcorn oil
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