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    24 Snap-Paks, Yellow Popcorn Kits for 14-16 oz Popcorn Machine with Coconut Oil

    Snappy's signature Snap-Paks take the guesswork out of measuring popcorn and oil. These convenient popcorn packs include pre-measured Yellow Snappy popcorn, colored coconut oil, and yellow salt. Snap-Paks are the easy way to make consistently delicious kernels in your popcorn machine. Snappy Popcorn is a third-generation family business that has been passionate about growing and selling popcorn since 1940. We grow, process and raise much of our popcorn in the fertile fields of Iowa. Popcorn is the only thing we process in our plants and we take great pride in delivering the best tasting popcorn, fresh from our fields to your home
    • EASY TO USE; these pre-measured popcorn kits containing popcorn, oil and salt take the guesswork out of measuring ingredients
    • PREMIUM POPCORN; contains farm-fresh, high-quality Snappy popcorn kernels grown in Iowa, non-GMO, gluten free
    • DELICIOUS FLAVOR; Snappy's yellow popcorn kernels are full of flavor and pop into plump puffs with a satisfying crunch
    • CONSISTENT QUALITY; portions are designed to ensure you pop a perfect batch of popcorn every single time
    • 21.2 OZ PORTION PACK; Each case makes approximately 336 one oz servings. (24-21.2 oz Snap-Pak pouches/case)
    • Download Popping Instructions & Nutrition Facts
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