Mix & Match Snappy® Popcorn Kernels, Oil & Salt Bundle, 3 Pack


We've taken the guesswork out of how to make authentic movie theater popcorn and created a mix & match bundle with the ingredients that every popcorn lover needs.

First, select your favorite variety of our ready-to-pop farm fresh kernels in 12.5 lbs bags. Snappy's traditional yellow butterfly kernel popcorn is full of flavor and pops into plump puffs with a satisfying crunch. Snappy's old-fashioned white popcorn creates light and tender puffs when popped with less hulls for easier, more enjoyable eating.

Second, choose a gallon of Snappy popcorn oil to add delicious flavor. Choose from five (5) 1 gallon varieties: Butter Burst Oil, Buttery Canola Oil, Pop Rite Oil, Pure Coconut Oil or White Coconut Oil.

Finally, select one of our popular popcorn salts. This is the secret ingredient for achieving authentic movie theater popcorn taste.

Enjoy this custom combination of your favorite Snappy products to pop popcorn with the aroma you love and the taste you crave!

  • MIX & MATCH POPCORN KIT; build your own combination with our most popular kernels, oils & salts
  • GOURMET KERNELS; enjoy the consistent quality of our farm-fresh popcorn from America's heartland in 12.5 bags
  • NON-GMO & GLUTEN FREE; a low-calorie, 100% whole-grain, high-fiber, supremely satisfying snack
  • DELICIOUS POPCORN OILS; our 1 gallon oils are the key to making mouthwatering movie theater popcorn at home
  • SUPERFINE SALTS; our salts contain no yellow #5 and are screened three times to ensure uniform size
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