Maze Craze Combo Movie Popcorn Trays, 50 Count

Our combo trays are a great way to hold a soda, popcorn and candy and be transported to a movie theater at your own home or event. With a popcorn section and cup holder, you can keep snacks organized on your lap in this sturdy and colorful container. A necessary addition to your concession stand or at-home cinema!
  • POPULAR DESIGN; combo trays for holding a soda and popcorn just like you receive at the movie theater
  • KID-FRIENDLY; children will especially love these colorful containers with multiple compartments, designed to make snacking easier with sturdy, kid-friendly construction
  • SIMPLE ASSEMBLY; to prepare the box for use, simply press on the sides to pop up the box and pinch the corners to lock into place for filling
  • COLLAPSIBLE; lay flat design allows for easy storage under machines or on shelves prior to using
  • CONVENIENT SIZE; measures 10 x 7 x 2.25 inches when fully assembled (50/case)
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