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    Lou Ana Premium Buttery Oil, 1 Gallon

    The rich butter flavor of Lou Ana Premium Buttery Oil is a traditional favorite. With a golden yellow color, this oil possesses a clean, buttery taste and aroma that makes better tasting popcorn and delivers the real movie theater popcorn experience. Use for popping or topping popcorn and avoid the use of any butter or butter substitutes.
    • EXCEPTIONAL TASTE; rich, buttery flavor that delivers the real movie theater popcorn experience
    • HIGH QUALITY; a clean, superior taste and and aroma that resists breakdown and separation
    • NO MELTING REQUIRED; ready to use and easy to pour at room temperature
    • VERSATILE OIL; use to pop or top popcorn and in place of butter, shortening or other cooking oils
    • NO TRANS FAT; non-hydrogenated, naturally trans fat free, cholesterol free, certified kosher
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