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    Gold Medal® Cotton Candy Flossugar, Variety Flavor Bundle

    This cotton candy sugar has excellent flavor and is made from a smooth, delicate sugar so your cotton candy never has a grainy texture or taste. Our Flossugar arrives pre-mixed and ready to use, so simply open the box and pour into the spinner head. Colors have been "vividized" to produce rich, vibrant colors of cotton candy (concentration does not exceed FDA limits). Made in the USA.
    • EASY TO USE; arrives ready to use with no messy mixing required
    • PERFECTLY DELICIOUS; made from a delicate, special sugar that doesn't have a grainy texture or taste
    • RICH COLORS; colors are "vividized" to produce bright, vibrant colors of cotton candy
    • FLAVOR VARIETY; available in 10 other popular flavors to enjoy
    • HALF GALLON SIZE; each carton makes 60-70 cotton candy cones
    • SIX FLAVORS; Cherry, Bubble Gum, Blue Raspberry, Strawberry, Pink Vanilla and Grape
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