Gold Medal® Blue Raspberry Glaze Pop Popcorn Flavoring, 12 Count

Turn your popcorn into sweet, colorful kernels with Glaze Pop. This mix coats popcorn with a molten sugar glaze. Simply add it to your kettle with the oil before popping and the glaze will be applied while the popcorn pops. For added convenience, the mix contains an ingredient which bonds the colored sugar and oil together to guard against burning. Perfect for making colored popcorn for themed events with an amazing array of flavors available. Made in the USA.
  • SWEET POPCORN TASTE; make candy coated popcorn with this delicious, sweet popcorn glaze
  • EASY TO USE; simply add the mix to your kettle with your corn and oil for colored popcorn with an irresistible flavor
  • COOKS IN POPPER; formulated to use in any kettle (no separate coating machine needed)
  • READY IN MINUTES; the one-step process means you are just a few minutes away from having great tasting, frosted popcorn
  • COLOR & FLAVOR VARIETY; available in many popular flavors to enjoy and coordinate with special events
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