Foil Hot Dog Bags, 1000 count

These attractive, grease-resistant foil hot dog bags help contain food & condiments securely, ensuring your hands and clothes stay clean. Made of premium quality foil laminated paper, our bags are designed to retain heat and keep your food fresh & moist. Use them to package hot dogs, chili dogs, pretzel dogs, veggie dogs, brats, sausages and more. Simply fold the top over to keep your favorite foods warm and fresh. Perfect for selling at convenience stores, concession stands, food trucks or fast food restaurants. The foil laminated bag measures 3.25 x 1.5 x 8.75" with a stock printed design for easy identification. Count: 100 bags.
  • HIGH QUALITY; our premium hot dog foil bags are designed to retain heat, keeping food hot & fresh
  • DURABLE; these grease-resistant bags will contain foods securely to ensure hands stay clean
  • SIMPLE TO USE; just fold the top over to package & distribute fresh food easily and safely
  • VERSATILE; our hot dog bags will also accommodate brats, sausages, pretzel dogs, veggie dogs & more
  • BUY IN BULK & SAVE; case comes with 100 foil stock printed hot dog bags (3.5 x 1.5 x 8.75")
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