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    Gold Medal® Flavacol® Popcorn Salt , 35 Ounce, 12 Count

    Flavacol is the secret ingredient to making authentic movie theater popcorn and is a great alternative to greasy butter. This salt is made using a proprietary process that removes any trace minerals that can lead to a bitter taste resulting in a salt with a finer flake that sticks to your popcorn. It also contains just the right blend of ingredients to give popcorn a bright, buttery yellow color. Use with your choice of oil and popping corn to achieve popping perfection. A great addition to your at-home popcorn supplies or for stadiums, cinemas and more!
    • MOVIE THEATER TASTE; gives your popcorn that authentic movie theater popcorn taste and buttery yellow appearance
    • GOURMET QUALITY & TASTE; enjoy the old-fashioned taste of white popcorn with light & tender kernels
    • STICKS TO POPCORN; fine salt flakes stick to popcorn for the best coverage, unlike ground salt that tends to fall off
    • UNIQUE FLAVOR; made using a process that removes all traces of minerals that can lead to a bitter taste
    • ECONOMICAL SIZE; the 35 ounce carton size will last for a great many batches
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