Commercial Grade Two-Compartment Nacho Trays, 4 oz, 125 Pack


Our professional grade two-compartment nacho trays are designed to be durable for even the heaviest of snacks. Constructed with heavy duty plastic and reinforced side walls, they are ideal for concessions use and can be used in a warmer to showcase product while keeping chips crisp. The sturdy design makes it simple to carry for guests on the go. The smaller compartment can be used for portion packs and heavy sauces or dips, while the larger compartment can be reserved for chips, crackers, vegetables and more. Portion chips and portion cheese cups sold separately.

  • EXTRA DURABLE; high-quality, commercial grade construction makes trays ideal for concessions use
  • CONVENIENT; sturdy design with reinforced sidewalls perfect for mess-free service & guests on the go
  • CLASSIC DESIGN; molded plastic tray features cheese compartment for 4oz of dip or a 3.5oz cheese cup
  • EASY CLEAN-UP; sanitary, disposable takeout-friendly trays make clean-up easy and hassle free
  • QTY VALUE; purchase stackable, easy-to-store trays and save (125 per case)
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