Flat Bottom Theater Popcorn Bags, 85 oz, 1000 Pack

These laminated, flat-bottom popcorn bags feature a contemporary, colorful design making them ideal for a variety of uses. Enjoy serving buttered popcorn in these bags without the worry of getting butter or grease on your fingers and clothes. Buy in bulk and save!
  • ECONOMICAL; reasonably priced, these popcorn bags featuring a contemporary, colorful design are ideal for any occasion
  • PERFECT FOR BUTTERED POPCORN; laminated, grease-proof paper construction keeps butter in the bag and off your fingers
  • CONVENIENT; flat-bottom, lightweight bags are easy to use and easy to hold in one hand; fold the bag's opening to keep the popcorn secure
  • POPULAR SIZE; each bag holds a satisfying serving (approximately 10 cups of popcorn) and measures 5 x 3.5 x 9 inches
  • BUY IN BULK; purchase a case and save (1,000 Count)
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