Aluminum Snow Cone Scoop, 6 Ounce

This aluminum sno cone dipper is made for optimal performance in a concessions business or at-home setting. It consistently produces perfectly portioned, dome-shaped 6 ounce sno cones no matter the user, from first-time sno cone makers to professionals.
  • MAKES PERFECT SNO CONES; consistently produces perfectly dome-shaped sno cone tops
  • DURABLE; made from durable cast aluminum to ensure it can withstand regular use
  • EASY TO GRIP AND DIP; helps even amateur sno cone makers create professional looking final products
  • POPULAR PORTION SIZE; spoon dimensions ensure a consistent 6 ounce portion every time, no matter the user
  • VERSATILE; works for sno cones, shaved ice and even helps you create the perfect snowballs
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