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    24 Snap-Paks, Yellow Popcorn Kits for 12 oz Popcorn Machine with Coconut Oil

    Snappy's signature Snap-Paks take the guesswork out of measuring popcorn and oil. These convenient popcorn packs include pre-measured Yellow Snappy popcorn, colored coconut oil, and yellow salt. Snap-Paks are the easy way to make consistently delicious kernels in your popcorn machine.
    • EASY TO USE; these pre-measured popcorn kits containing popcorn, oil and salt take the guesswork out of measuring ingredients
    • PREMIUM POPCORN; contains farm-fresh, high-quality Snappy popcorn kernels grown in Iowa, non-GMO, gluten free
    • DELICIOUS FLAVOR; Snappy's yellow popcorn kernels are full of flavor and pop into plump puffs with a satisfying crunch
    • CONSISTENT QUALITY; portions are designed to ensure you pop a perfect batch of popcorn every single time
    • 16 OZ PORTION PACK; Each case makes approximately 288 one oz servings. (24-16 oz Snap-Pak pouches/case)
    • Download Popping Instructions & Nutrition Facts
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