Gold Medal® Flossine Concentrate Bubble Gum, 16oz

Flossine is the secret ingredient that professionals use to make high quality cotton candy from scratch. It gives this popular treat a delightful aroma, delicious flavor and that classic cotton candy look. Simply mix up to two tablespoons of Flossine to every 10 lbs. of your coarse/large granulated sugar and it's ready to use! Flossine will never clog the ribbon heating elements, but be sure to use high-quality, 100 percent granulated sugar. (Lower-end and specialty sugar products are sometimes mixed with cornstarch, dextrose, or corn syrup and those additives can scorch, damage your machine, or give you a sub-par product.) This is the perfect sugar for creating cotton candy crowds will love!
  • EASY TO USE; simply mix up to 2 tablespoons of Flossine to every 10 lbs. of coarse granulated sugar
  • PERFECTLY DELICIOUS; gives your treats a tantalizing aroma, great flavor & classic cotton candy look
  • RICH COLORS; colors are "vividized" to produce bright, vibrant colors of cotton candy
  • FLAVOR VARIETY; available in a range of other popular flavors to enjoy
  • ONE POUND SIZE; each jar will make approximately 2,000 one oz servings when mixed with sugar

Directions: Add one to two tablespoons to 10 lbs coarse/large granulated sugar - either cane or beet. Mix thoroughly. Do not use too much Flossine. Color gets much darker when candy is eaten.

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